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Learn Jazz Standards is an online jazz resource for musicians. We specialize in helping musicians become better jazz players and reach their full musical potential. Our archives have hundreds of jazz lessons, articles, and podcasts, with 3-4 new additions a week. More than a website, we are a jazz community of over 100,000+ musicians. Since 2010, we’ve been creating free jazz content for our users around the world through our Blog, Podcast, and Index of Jazz Standards.

The Big Three

On Learn Jazz Standards, we offer tons of information on learning jazz and they are all presented through our three different mediums: The Blog, The Podcast, and the Index of Jazz Standards.


Do you prefer to read? 

Then our blog is for you. Look up everything from jazz licks, etudes, opinion articles and more. We have it.


Do you prefer to listen? 

Then the LJS Podcast is for you. We come out with one new episode a week, and it is hosted by yours truly. We often have special guests, and occasionally a big name musician comes through.


Do you want to learn jazz standards? 

Then head straight to the Index of Jazz Standards. It’s all in the name. This was how the website originally started. Just the index. Our index has a lot of jazz standards that you can look up. Each jazz standard page provides a bio, chord charts for C, Bb, and Eb instruments, a play-along and popular recordings so you can listen.


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